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Hi! I'm Andrea

Welcome! I'm a Brazilian gal who followed her heart all the way to Virginia. I've traded my life by the shore for a lovely townhouse I now call home. I am blessed to share it with my husband Brian and our daughter Julia, as well as our rascal of a cat, Aeris.

I'm a graphic designer & handmade artist and here is where I share my journey on balancing being a mamma, a maker & a wife with a full time job; still finding time for myself and my passions. If you're interested, here's my resume!


I'm obsessed with HGtv, sweets, afternoon naps & DIYs. My happy place is when I'm wrapped around a thick blanket, with a rascal around me and tons of baby laughter; surrounded by fabric, paint and paper; losing myself in my urge of creating art.


My journey to finding the beauty and joy in the small moments in life led me to found Each Lovely Thing. From personal projects to home decor, I'm always tweaking, editing and improving my projects. From working with wood, to fabric and hoops - my goal is to share with you what I love - in hopes you might love it too.

I'm all about customizing pieces for your home, so if you'd like something created uniquely for you, just drop me a line! 


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