August 22, 2017



Welcome to the world, Julia.


Our darling, little miracle.


I will never forget your little cry as you came into the world. I will never forget your face held next to mine, and those precious moments I got to snuggle with you.


Thank you for the gift of being your mamma. For trusting us with your life. I can only hope your dad and I will do right by you. That we may show you the wonders of this life, and to bring you up in a love filled home.


You were dreamed of for a long time. A dream we thought we would never see to fruition. 


You're our little miracle. And you are so loved.  It is true that there's this kind of love - the kind you only dream of - that comes with having a child. I loved you during the 9 months I carried you, but now, you carry my heart with you. 


I can't wait to see you growing up and enjoying this life. But not so fast - your mama loves the snuggles she gets with you and to see your little fingers grabbing mine. 

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