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Julia's 2 Month Recap

My little munchkin is 2! Well, 2 months and a half by the time I post this. As always, timing is not on my side. I do have a great excuse. Between getting her baptized and saying goodbye to my parents - it was a busy month. But let's hear it all, shall we?



Weight: At her last appointment, little lady was weighed at 10 lbs 5.5oz (24%). She dropped a bit on her percentile, but after the turbulent month we've had with her (more on that later), this did not surprise us.

Eating: We said goodbye to breastfeeding and are on a strict formula diet now. She is drinking about 3 oz every 2 hours. Sometimes up to 4oz if she's really hungry. She's on a special hypoallergenic formula ($$$) that works for her lactose sensitivity. And yup, you read it right. Little bug does not take well to mamma's milk or any milk protein at this time. Her pediatrician is happy to see her doing so well with the new formula though, and we will wait until she's 6 months to reintroduce any lactose to see how she's doing (apparently that might fade in time and she might be well adjusted to it. We are hoping so, because 1. cheese is my world and I can't imagine her not having it - and 2. her formula is SO expensive. It would be nice to have an alternative to that).

Sleep: She's doing SO much better! After taking a sleep training class (Taking Cara babies- highly recommend!) we started sleep training her during the day, when she would fight to go down for naps. I'm only on my first few days of it and she's already taking to it like a champ. We put her to bed last night around 10:30pm and after a quick 3am feed and change she went down until close to 8am. We know it might not stay like that (hello 4 month sleep regression), but it gave us the foundation to build a better routine for her.

Her pediatrician wants us to keep up with a night feeding for now (until she gains more weight), but after that I'm hoping she will pull a good 6 hour stretch. We're down to a pretty steady 4.5 to 5 hour stretch from her, so we're hoping 6 isn't too much to ask from her. I will keep you posted.

Milestones: For us, the biggest milestone was understanding why she was doing so poorly with her feeding (both from the breast as well as the formula used to supplement). It took us a couple of weeks of trying different formulas to understand what could happen, but I'm glad we did our research because she is now eating like a champ, with minimal pains to evacuate (TMI) and able to keep it all down. But she's also been with me alone to church a couple of times and we have yet to have any bad behavior from her! She also did wonderfully on her baptism - didn't even cry - and our whole congregation is in love with her. We are so blessed!

Best moments: Every day with her this month has been a joy. My days with her are counted, and I couldn't be happier with the care we chose for her during the day. I was able to see her interact with Julia and it was a sight I'll never forget. It's not easy at all giving up your baby to go back to work - to have essentially a stranger raising them. But I am so happy with our choice and the care I witnessed.

Challenging moments: Well the update on the gassiness and the bottle debacle was resolved. nothing to do with the bottle, but with the contents, so we are back using the comotomo bottles - and we LOVE them!

She is also doing really well with her naps and nighttime routine since the class - so that hasn't been a challenge anymore.

The biggest one has been to say goodbye to my mom. She's been with us since before Julia was born - helping with her and the house. Balancing it all has been a bit of a challenge, but with the lady taking on her naps so well it's been freeing to get some work done around the house too.

In one short week I will say goodbye to my days with her - and that is killing me. I can't imagine not being with her everyday after these wonderful 12 weeks - but life must go one - and if this lady needs this specialty milk this mamma has to bring home some bread, too! I will update you on that on her next check up.

And that's our adventures for month 2! This month has a lot in store for us: family photo shoots, her first halloween, going back to work and maintaining the house afloat! Wish us luck!

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