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DIY Baby Week Sign

When little one was born, I knew I wanted to document her growth weekly until she reached her first month. ( I could've gone further out, but I had already gotten beautiful monthly stickers to use with her)

Baswood Sign

Making them was super easy and I whipped one in about 10 min while she took a nap as a newborn. I already had a pre-painted basswood slice with black chalk, so I just needed to add the lettering and create the design with my white chalk pen.

For Julia, I wanted it to add to the feel of her room, which is woodland inspired, neutral and with florals. I love how the sign turned out. I left the middle blank, and you can fill it in with normal chalk or do as I did, and add it later on photoshop.

I'm still in love with it, and a little sad that I just used it for such a short period of time. You can always make yours with months, instead of weeks, or even days to document whichever you would prefer.

I know it's way too early but I can't wait to start making these for the rest of her milestones - like first day at pre-school, first tooth lost, etc. (I've turned into SUCH a mamma material) The good thing here is also that I didn't add the finishing layer to this, so it'll be easy enough to paint over it with another layer of black and either cover just the script - to reuse it for any milestones you want to document ( or even countdown to vacations?!) or just cover the whole thing to have ready for a future project.

If you're not crafty enough, I'd love to help you make something that speaks to you. Just drop me a note!

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