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Reusing our Baby Sign

As I mentioned on the last post, I envisioned many ways I could reuse the basswood sign I created for the weeks countdown.

Now that our little one is almost 5 months (where did the time go?!) I wanted to still use the sign, but to have it say something else.

Instead of relying on photoshop to add the number like I've done with her weeks sign, I painted over the word weeks and kept the wreath. I've also added a 1st inside the week, to mark all the milestones not available on the stickers we have at home - pretty much all her 1st holidays, etc.

baby milestone sign

We started off with her 1st Halloween. We dressed her in this cute Jack-o'-Lantern onesie that was super comfy for her and warm enough for her to spend her day in the daycare. Of course as soon as I got home little one decided to have an accident.

Fast forward to the weekend, when I dressed her up again just for these photos (poor child). But she looked too adorable not to have a decent record of it on file.

Safe to say, as soon as she was down for her nap, I repainted the sign again, and already wrote down thanksgiving on it. I love how easy it is to switch things around. You can even use water to get most of the chalk out. I'm just weary of it 'cause I don't want to mess up the rest of the design, but I may try to do that for Christmas.

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